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Acupuncture is great for treating pain like back and neck pain, osteoarthritis/knee pain, and headache. Whether your aches and pains are the result of an acute injury or repetitive stresses, there are acupuncture techniques that can help



Dr. Sabrina Havens, Doctor of Acupuncture

The mission of Dr. Sabrina at Onda Blu Acupuncture is to provide her patients with a space to guide them to a place of better health.  Acupuncture and traditional medicine theory was originally based on how ancient people saw the body as a mirror of nature.  Water is considered the strongest and most healing element.  It flows through us and creates change effortlessly.   The image of a wave coming to shore or crashing over rocks shows how water creates changes over earth by its' ability to breakthrough seemingly stronger substances.  While this sounds magical, Dr. Sabrina brings over 10 years of clinical experience as well as continuous education of evidence based practice of acupuncture and strong community ties to medical doctors, hospitals and facilities. 



"My gratitude for Sabrina Havens runs deep, and the only way I could possibly pay tribute is to express my thoughts and experiences in writing. By creating an environment of empathy and connectedness Sabrina has fulfilled a fundamental requisite for being a true healer and teacher. The effectiveness of her methods is evidenced by the progress her many patients have made through the years. In the several years since my husband and I started seeing Sabrina, besides reaching an overall increase in physical and mental health, my husband’s allergies have decreased ten-fold and through a variation of Acupuncture and Herbal remedies my decades-long struggle with a rare genetic skin disorder has virtually ended. Her passion for healing is earnest and she consistently demonstrates a rigorous commitment to providing the highest quality treatment tailored specifically to each individual she encounters. Besides being a competent expert in the field of Alternative Medicine, Sabrina is humble and kind at the core, and her mission in this lifetime is quietly and selflessly being accomplished. Simply. The. Best."


- Mary C.


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Onda Blu Acupuncture

Dr. Sabrina Havens

425 Northern Blvd

Suite 21

Great Neck, NY  11021


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